VR Modelling

Put on your VR headset and have fun modelling.

Simply, it is a combination of technology and design. How? By creating a program supported by VR, the user can access this application to create any wanted idea in their mind. So, imagine yourself using an easily modeled material like clay, however you can create anything even if you are not good at working with your hands. It would be supported by a system (preferably an AI) that guides the user throughout the whole process.  
Who would benefit from this? Mostly anyone who wants to visualize their product ideas and view them with multiple materials.  
This program could be utilized by professional designers to save a huge amount of time. It can be a fast way to view an industrial product for example. In which, instead of using a CAD software to create the product, then 3D print it.  You can save time, money and materials by putting on your VR headset. Have fun modelling!

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Reality

Last updated • Jul 30, 2019 @ 11:27

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