Automated bed-maker

No more corner-to-corner.

Making the bed and changing the sheets is one of the most laborious household tasks I have to do each week. Putting out the garbage or washing dishes is no big deal, but changing sheets and swapping out duvets gives me a headache. 

What if there were a better design for the bedsheet, that simply required a series of strings or zips to fix it around the duvet? Or perhaps taking the idea further, it could simply be rolled through some kind of simple frame, designed to feed through the duvet and attach the sheet. Furthermore, the frame could be mechanical and potentially built into the bedframe itself,  using the connectivity of the internet of things to freshen sheets at the press of a button. 

That would certainly take the stress out of the weekend chores! 

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Last updated • Feb 11, 2020 @ 15:24

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I hate making the bed...have my upvote!

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