DataCenter in Space

Moving beyond the cloud to minimse environmental impact

The commercialization of space is taking off. 

On earth, data centers create a lot of environmental impact due to energy consumption.

Lets put a Dell datacenter in space where cold temperatures will provide cooling, and power can come from the sun. 

While costs to get a payload may still be prohibitive, lets think exponentially. Non-latency data should not need to cost the planet to store.

Even the idea we are working towards it will be great!


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Last updated • May 31, 2020 @ 05:40

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The concept is mentioned here, we already have some kind of datacenters with computing power in orbit. It is a great idea. 


Great idea but will that mean as a data center tech I get hazardous pay and a possible raise? :-)

Just kidding but for real this is a great idea. The go\no go point is the costs of implementing and operations versus the risks at hand. Also security issues GALORE I can imagine. 

At his point it would make more sense to bury data centers in the ocean I would think but this is not an area that I am a SME at and would defer to others to make that comment. 

I hope this takes off though   :-) Great idea


That’s going beyond the Cloud. 

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