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How cool would it be if our home environment is automated based our location? We all can use an app/program that can cool down or warm up our room, light up the drive way and warm up the pool for a swim. All this automated with AI, just before we reach home from a long day at the office. I believe the combination of smart home tech with AI & IOT would be real magic. 

Sensors that track weather and help determine to warm up or cool down the home and pool. AI that recognizes your travel to home and triggers the preset conditions of smart devices, just in time, when you reach home. Thoughts?

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Last updated • Nov 27, 2019 @ 18:37

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Love the idea - the key is getting all these devices to speak a common language or have awareness of the other with some common hub.  There are a few that exist that rely heavily on the cloud, but it would be cool if they could build something does it locally within the house without having to leverage the internet or requiring you to extensively script/code


I agree.   It would be awesome to highlight some of the best solutions here.


Yea I hope more solid players come into the market to drive some next level innovation with a standardized protocol like z-wave or zigbee or something more user friendly and limitless. 


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