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Jan 23, 2020 by Geastmead




Hey! I'm Hannah and currently I live in Osaka, Japan making cinematic travel videos and deep dives nobody asked for. I get a lot of questions about my workflow, tech and creative endeavours but I'm really bad at answering them on my channel so now is the time to ask away! 

- Currently Hannah

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Currently Hannah will respond back to questions submitted below, between the 24th and 26th of January. 





Watch Hannah's latest video:  Drone flying etiquette in Japan - Don't be stupid, guys.


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Hey Hannah!  I have a few questions:

  • Your filming/editing style is far more professional than the average YouTuber. Is this something you worked up to by experimenting, or something you have gone to school for?
  • Are you expecting Japan to become crowded with social media influencers now that they are offering free trips?

I do not see where to enter for the free drone.  Where would that be located at?

Thank You Hannah

 I always enjoy your videos.


if you had no budget limit, what gear would you travel with? like you ultimate minimalist travel kit. Thanks


Greetings Hannah i came across your videos and love your content. You inspired me to start my own videos and start vlogging but i am a bit intimidated to do so since i don't have any experience in video editing and so on, i did however get a new camera and mic and also in the process of getting a new laptop so i can run a good editing software like sony vegas pro but my question for you is, 

  • did you have any previous knowledge in making YouTube vids like editing and so on or is it something that you just taught yourself? 
  • what advice do you have for me as a beginner? 

If possible give me a shout out on one of your YouTube vids lol jk.

 Again love your videos and love japan :) 



Hey Hannah, I stumbled onto your channel while looking into preparing for my Disney trip and was very impressed with the cinematic quality of your videos. 

My question is: Do  you color grade your photos for instagram or videos on youtube? If you do color grade your videos/photos, what is that process like for you?

Paolo Aristide Onnis

Hey Hannah!
First of all....you channel is top-notch! congratulations!

My question is more related to your contents creation in term of "script".
Some of your videos are really well presented with proper researches and data.

I'm curious on how you actually put all together for the video.
Do you create a script that you meticulously follow (like watching somewhere where the script is) or you just study the contents as you were preparing for a presentation/speech?
Please don't tell me it is impromptu speaking or I'm out of here hahah! :)

Thanks in advance!


G’day Hannah 

Gr8 to see your knowledge utilized for the common good. Hope your Dad doing well. I want to make the investment in a Drone to capture California Rare Fruit Growers back yards to add a different dimension to videos we produce called “Let’s Find Out!” I think it would be good to zoom. What is the best drone for this type of videography?

cheers Johno

Justin Hood

Hi Hannah,

 Hope you're well, greetings from the homeland :). Really enjoy your videos- the great content, production and the genuine way in which you are yourself in front of the camera. 

I was just wondering how you came to be living in Japan- I understand you are a performer? Also, I am more curious about what other creative work you are doing or possibly have in the pipeline to support yourself and if so how did those opportunities come about ie; connections you made living in Japan/ traveling or from doing things such as YouTube? 

Thank you!




Hi Hannah,

Have you considered incorporating 360 camera footages soon to your videos or do you think that technology is not mature enough yet for quality videos?  I've seen third party parts which allows 360 cameras to be installed on a drone allowing an almost 360 degree footage.

Thanks!  Sending some good vibes your way from Melbourne, Australia.



Yo! Few questions;
How long have you been learning Japanese for?
Favourite 'hiddden gem' in Japan (ie outside of the typical tourist itinerary)
What is your opinion on the ethics of travelling to a country with renowned human rights violations? In particular countries like China. Is it bad providing money to a government you may have ethical qualms with, or is it more beneficial to connect with the locals?