Canon Showed Off Some Funky-Looking Concept Cameras at This Year’s CES

Jan 13, 2020 by CharismaticMannequin

Credit: DPReview


When I say ‘wearable cameras’, what images (no pun intended) does that conjure up in your mind. A GoPro strapped to your head? A pair of smart glasses, a-la Google Glass? Canon was on a bit of a mad one last week, showing off some weird new concept cameras, along with some other strange bits and pieces.

Credit: DPReview

A pair of wearable cameras, that look a lot like a large GPS watch or the front view of a lens with a wrist-strap, Canon states they feature twin medium-wide and medium-tele focal lengths, making for some fairly versatile shooting considering their form.

I’m not sure what you’d use these for myself, but if anyone sees them and has some ideas, leave them in the comments below.

Next up is one of the weird concepts I’ve seen when it comes to form. I’ll let DPReview’s article cover this one:

“The second concept is a single camera with a modular lens system capable of tele, wide and closeup imaging. It's hard to tell scale from this photograph but the camera is about 13 cm (5") long. As such, like the other concepts, it's reasonable to assume a smartphone-sized sensor.”

Credit: DPReview

They round off the concept line-up with a compact variable telephoto video/imaging camera that resembles a dictation device, an AI-powered smart camera that tracks human subjects and shoots without human input, and an augmented-reality neck device, that DPReview believes might be a ‘life vlogging’ camera, though it’s anyone’s guess.

Make sure you stop by and check out the full gallery of these products by DPReview; they offer incredible coverage of each, and also give insights as to what each’s purpose might be.

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