How to Enter the Great Outdoors Photography Contest

Dec 11, 2019 by Anna Maree

The “Great Outdoors Photo Contest” opened last week here on Project Innovate and I wanted to give you guys a quick rundown on how to enter, as well as some helpful information.

  1. Open a new tab and go to projectinnovate.com
  2. Click on the main header image to be taken to the “Photography in Focus” Homepage
  3. On the Homepage, click the banner that says “Contest” or click the link below.
  4. Log into your Project Innovate account, or if you haven’t already, go ahead and create one.
  5. You can do this by clicking the image on the top right-hand corner or clicking the ULR in step one.
  6. Once you’ve created an account or logged in, on the left-hand side, make sure to agree to the Official Rules and select “Enter.”
  7. You can read the Official Rules by Scrolling over and clicking the “Official Rules” link.
  8. Next, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can submit your images. Keep in mind that you can only submit one image to the contest at a time.

On this page, you can enter the Sweepstakes, enter into the Contest, join in on the Discussions, or watch a tips and tricks video to help improve your photo editing game.

There are a few guidelines that you also want to follow before submitting your images.

  • All photos must be a JPG or PNG file.
  • All photos must be less than 1MB
  • You must enter a Title and Caption for your photo.

REMINDER: You’re able to submit a maximum of FIVE entries.


To Submit an Entry:

  1. Upload the image
  2. After your image is uploaded, you want to make sure to add a title.
  3. Next, make sure to add a caption for your photo
  4. Click the “Submit” button when you’re ready to add the entry.

After you submit your entry, you will be taken back to the main Contest page. If you want to submit additional entries, just repeat the submissions process once more for each entry. You’ll have to do this for each individual photo you want to submit.




One Grand Prize Winner will be selected for “Best Nature Photo” and One Runner Up Winner will be selected in each of the four categories.

  • Landscape
  • Macro Photography
  • Wildlife
  • Weather

The “Best Nature Photo” will win:

  • Nikon D500 and a Lens Kit
  • A Dell Ultrasharp 32” 4K Monitor
  • One Year Subscription to Cyberlink Director Suite

Four Category Winners will win:

  • A One Year Subscription to Cyberlink Photo Director

The competition objective is to capture the Best Nature photo and the judging criteria will be four main categories:

  • Public Appeal
  • Creativity
  • Composition
  • Relevance to the Theme of Nature




Good luck to everyone who is entering the contest! 

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