Sony’s Bullied Nikon Out of 2nd Spot in Camera Companies, Just Behind Canon

Dec 2, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin



Nikon’s always been a big name in photography, but it seems that status is somewhat at risk as they fall short to Sony, who are making great strides with their full-frame and crop-sensor mirrorless cameras. 

Nikkei is reporting that Sony is projected to have overtaken Nikon in digital camera sales for this fiscal year. This comes on the heels of reports that the company is projecting a loss of $92 million, revised down from projections of a $110 million profit. Much of this bad news for the company has been attributed to their hesitancy to enter the mirrorless market, which allowed Sony a lot of time to jump ahead in market share and innovation.” (FStoppers)

It's a momentous shift in the photography market; Nikon were once synonymous with getting a camera. It was a choice between either Canon or Nikon if you wanted a good DSLR. With the market having shifted so rapidly with the introduction and advancement of mirrorless cameras and smartphone sensors improving year-on-year, it was only a matter of time, particularly given Nikon’s hesitation to break into the mirrorless market.

Interestingly, all three companies are trending downward – again, probably due to more casual photographers reaching for a smartphone instead, though that slope is expected to level out as the demand by professionals and enthusiasts continues. Sony has mentioned they intend to be #1 by 2021, and we won’t be shocked if they do indeed reach the top spot.

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