A Bride Has Allegedly Been Arrested for Forcing Her Photographer to Pay to Shoot Her Big Day

Dec 2, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin


Usually when you hire a photographer for your event, it’s you that pays them – not the other way around. According to an article by FStoppers, one bride forced her wedding photographer to pay for the privilege of shooting her wedding. There’s being crass by asking a photographer to work for exposure or very low rates, and then there’s this.

“A bride-to-be, who was also their friend, approached the photographer with a proposition. It entailed the photographer paying the bride $50, which would allow the photographer to take photos throughout the wedding day and then sell them to people who may want to purchase them. The bride's attempt to justify this working arrangement came down to "that way we can use the money for the wedding and you still might get paid". 

The photographer refused, but kindly offered to cover the wedding for just $50. This led to bride being upset and crying, and going as far as calling the photographer a "bad friend" and that she would do the same for the photographer if roles were reversed.” (FStoppers)

Following this already outrageous (and somewhat amusing tale), the bride and her friends began harassing the photographer with angry messages and confrontational visits. To stop the harassment, the photographer told the bride she’d shoot the wedding, but didn’t. The bride’s father turned up on the day after the photographer’s no-show, banging on the door.

This prompted the photographer to phone the police, to have both the bride and her father arrested, with plenty of evidence to show the authorities. It’s a chaotic situation, and not one that’s unheard of in many creative professions. It seems there’s plenty of clients from hell out looking for something for nothing.

Some people have argued against the photographer’s position, stating she shouldn’t have agreed to the job; to that, I say when you’re stuck in a difficult situation where you’re being harassed, it’s not an unreasonable way to get a bunch of potentially aggressive individuals to leave you alone, even if only for a short time.

Remember, if you’re in a similar situation, keep everything in writing, shut contact down if you can, and if you feel the situation is escalating, contact the authorities. No one should have to go through this as part of their job, including you.

If you want to read the full story yourself, you can find it here on Reddit. (Expletive language used within)

If you have any horror stories of your own you wouldn’t mind sharing, drop them in the comments below, along with any advice or learnings you discovered during your experience.


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