Panasonic Is Packing Up Its Semiconductor Business and Selling It On

Nov 29, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin



Well, Panasonic is selling its sensor business. The imaging business in general is in a very chaotic and fluid place right now, with companies like Olympus debating on whether to sell their imaging divisions. Now it seems Panasonic is selling on part of its own business in the form of its semiconductor business.

“Panasonic Corp said it would sell its loss-making semiconductor unit to Taiwan's Nuvoton Technology Corp for $250 million as the Japanese electronics giant struggles to lift its profit amid a lack of growth drivers.

The sale is part of Panasonic's plans to cut fixed costs by 100 billion yen ($920 million) by the year ending in March 2022 by consolidating production sites and overhauling loss-making businesses.” (Yahoo)

Their semiconductor business currently designs power-management chips and sensors for the likes of security cameras, cars, and smartphones. Panasonic have stated the sale won’t have a major impact on the company’s earnings, with the company having moved progressively away from low-margin consumer goods to focus more on the B2B side of business – a costly decision, given an enduring trade war between China and the United States, and the slowing sales of automobile markets.

There’s no confirmation on whether Panasonic will continue developing its organic sensor technology, though we hope they do. If they do, it may be someone like Sony or Samyang that actually puts the sensors together if the product does go ahead.

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