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The PowerDolphin Underwater Drone Has Been Announced

Nov 7, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin
Credit: PowerVision

Options are limited when it comes to underwater photography; do you grab something like a GoPro? Or get a water-sealed unit for your standard DSLR or mirrorless camera? The PowerDolphin, developed by PowerVision, is a drone developed for underwater imagery and video, and it’s a smart-looking drone at that.

“At launch, there will be three models of the PowerDolphin, the PowerDolphin Wizard, Explorer and Standard.

The Wizard features additional features that are specially designed for anglers and fishers. The PowerSeeker feature is designed to intelligently find fish and also incorporates a bait box. $999

The other two models are for more general use and feature the drone without the fishing additions. Explorer package($899) adds a specially designed remote control while the Standard ($799) features a mobile device joystick.” (Camera Jabber)

Coming equipped with four front headlamps, each with four levels of brightness, a 220-degree dual-join 4K camera, and up to 2 hours of usage time, the PowerDolphin should make an excellent companion for anyone looking to spot and snap fish and other underwater species and settings. 

It has potential for usage in fishing, scientific research and other areas, and is pretty affordable, starting from just £695. Its features include a water touch switch, smartphone control, a return home function, battery replacement (perfect if you’re planning a whole day of shooting), and SD-card replacement.


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