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A Veteran Photographer Has Stolen Gear Worth $15,000 From Fellow Artists in NYC Studio

Nov 5, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

A group of well-known photographers were robbed earlier this year, by one of their own. They’ve since recovered their gear, re-claiming most of it this week, though the group feel they deserve justice against photographer, David Scott Holloway.

Seth Miranda, well-known NYC-based photographer and Adorama Rewind host, brought the story public two days ago on Instagram. 

Miranda, whose gear was among the stolen property, revealed that the studio had been burglarized by fellow photographer David Scott Holloway. In a series of Instagram stories, he claimed that the photographer admitted to the crime after being arrested, and expressing his disgust that a working photographer would steal from his peers.” (PetaPixel)

Since the story broke, PetaPixel has been speaking to various sources close to the studio, discovering that Holloway apparently joined the studio in late spring of this year. Holloway was a staff photographer for CNN parent company Turner Media, before moving on to working on the show Parts Unknown, featuring the late Anthony Bourdain. 

Despite his glowing background, issues with Holloway apparently began immediately, with late rent payments, and trolling the other photographers by booking slots but never attending. 

The photographer is allegedly facing no jail time or other consequences according to the group, who were told by the NYPD this was “the best outcome they could expect” if they wanted their gear returned. Holloway explained the theft was due his security deposit being withheld. 

It’s a depressing turn of events, and the group were at risk of permanently losing their equipment – it’s only their security footage that managed to secure the gear’s return.

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