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Adobe and Twitter Are in the Process of Designing A System to Permanently Attach Artist Names to their Pics

Nov 5, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

Image theft and misuse is a widespread issue, with artist’s photography commonly used without their permission or knowledge. With so much Twitter content relying on graphics and imagery, it seems fitting the social platform is taking an interest in helping to solve the issue.

Adobe, Twitter, and the New York Times Company have announced a new system that will add attribution to photos and othe content, recording who created the content and tracking whether it’s been modified in any way by others. Other people and platforms will be able to check that data to see if what they’re looking at is by the original artist or has been modified.

“The overall project is called the Content Authenticity Initiative, and its participants will hold a summit on the system in the next few months. Based on what Adobe has announced, the attribution tool is a piece of metadata that can be attached to a file. Adobe doesn’t describe precisely how it will keep the tag secure or prevent someone from copying the content in a way that strips it out. Adobe chief product officer Scott Belsky said that some technical details will be worked out at the summit.

Adobe described this system as a way to verify “authenticity” online. And The New York Times Company’s research and development head, Marc Lavallee, suggested it could fight misinformation by helping people discern “trusted news” on digital media platforms.” (The Verge)

While it will most definitely be useful for fighting fake content as the rise of AI makes it easier than ever to fake content and have it look good, it’ll also be incredibly useful for ensuring photographer and artists get proper credit for their work.

With so much sharing of content on the web, this seems like a positive and powerful solution to a common problem shared by many creators online – I’m all for it! 

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