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Chrome and Firefox Have Been Hit By Malware That Breaks Through Browser Encryption

Oct 9, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

Is nowhere safe these days? Can we not just browse the wonders of Project Innovate in peace? It seems not, as a new strain of malware seems to be making its way to people’s computers, and intercepting encrypted traffic.

“The malware, known as Reductor, was discovered by security researchers at Kaspersky in April this year. The team performed a full investigation, and have now released their findings in a report.

Reductor is a remote access trojan (RAT), which leaves the infected system open to vulnerabilities over a network. An attacker could upload, download and execute files, though the researchers haven't yet identified exactly what its creators intended to use it for.” (TechRadar)

The people behind this malware have a modicum of control over the infected system’s network channel, and have the ability to replace legitimate install files with infected ones. This could give the culprits incredible control over your entire system, if it all goes to plan. Right now, it’s limited to systems in Russia and Belarus as that seems to be where the infections are being focused, though there’s no telling when it might move on.

That said, antivirus software like Window’s Defender and Kaspersky, once they’ve identified such threats, will update their database so these types of threats are neutralized. If you’re looking to avoid this type of intrusion, common sense as ever, prevails. Don’t open suspicious links, download suspicious files, and make sure if you are downloading something, it’s from an official source.

If you do download a threat, ensure you keep your malware defense software updated regularly, and perform regular scans. 


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