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Playstation 5 Confirmed, Coming Holiday 2020

Oct 8, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

Well gamers, it’s official. The Playstation 5 is coming next Holiday season, so around a year from now. Microsoft’s Project Scarlett is also well underway, though we don’t have an official release date for that just yet. All in all though, it’s time to get excited about what’s coming next for console gaming.

“Sony has confirmed that its next-generation console will be called the PlayStation 5, and it’ll be out next year, launching in time for “Holiday 2020.”

The company also announced several changes that it’ll be making to the controller on the PS5. Chief among those is replacing the current rumble technology that Sony has been using since the original PlayStation for new haptic feedback technology that it promises will offer a “broader range of feedback.” (The Verge)

These new haptic feedback mechanisms will simulate more involved movements, differentiating a car crash in something like a racing game, and an aggressive tackle in FIFA. Sony hopes that developers will make use of this to offer up a more visceral and tactile experience in their games.

The other major change Sony announced was their ‘adaptive triggers’, the R2 and L2 buttons respectively. Developers will be able to program these triggers on the Playstation 5, which will offer gamers enhanced experiences; examples given were feeling the resistance of pulling back a bow string, or pushing the accelerator down more to make your way through rough terrain. 

Along with these controller changes, future players can expect faster performance with AMD-based hardware, hardware-based ray-tracing acceleration, an internal SSD as standard, and a new user interface. 

A lot to look forward to then, it seems! Looking forward to getting your hands on 9th Gen consoles? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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