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Google’s Assistant Might Soon Help You Find Your Keys

Sep 11, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

We’ve all been there; you’re running out the door, only to discover you can’t find your keys. Where the heck did you see them last? Now you retrace your steps of the last 24 hours, desperately trying to remember where you last put them down. Has the dog ran off with them? Soon, you might not need to worry.

Tile will soon work with Google Assistant, connecting directly to items, offering the ability to ring lost items directly. 

“The feature, which Tile says is set to launch "later this year", allows Google Assistant to support Tile’s voice-enabled 'direct ring' technology.

According to Tile, this allows your Google Home speaker to "connect directly with and ring lost items, for a faster and more reliable result", explaining that the process is "very similar to executing any other smart home Action with the Assistant".” (TechRadar)

Instead of having to ask the assistant to ask Tile to find your keys, you’ll instead be able to ask Google directly, removing some of the tedium of the ask. It’s not a huge change for the end-user, but it’s another step towards a more natural and streamlined way of talking to your phone and connecting your devices. 

Apple’s apparently planning a similar tracking device, which is possibly what caused Tile to announce this already, despite it coming out at an undefined point sometime this year. 


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