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Latest Facebook Leak Includes More Than 419 Million Records

Sep 6, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

Facebook just can’t catch a break these days. After their history of controversies and government-led queries, Facebook now faces a fresh disaster. A security researcher recently discovered databases containing hundreds of millions of records tied to user’s Facebook accounts.

“It appears the data -- which includes phone numbers and Facebook IDs and in some cases users' names, genders and countries -- was scraped from the platform. However, it's not clear who pulled that information from Facebook or why.

The dataset included 133 million records on Facebook users in the US, 18 million on people in the UK and 50 million on users in Vietnam. The researcher, Sanyam Jain, found the databases on an exposed server that wasn't protected with a password. He told TechCrunchhe found phone numbers linked to several celebrities.” (Engadget)

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the dataset was old information, containing information before changes that were made back in 2018. In addition, they stated that the dataset has been taken down and that according to them, no accounts seem to have been compromised. 

Furthermore, because the much of dataset’s data was duplicated, the affected accounts number around half of the 419 million figure. Still, it’s no comfort to many whose details were contained in the data-set. After all, people tend to hang onto phone numbers, addresses, and other information.

When was the last time you changed your number? Facebook may have avoided an absolute catastrophe by acting quickly here, though there’s no guarantee that users weren’t affected. Time will tell, though it’s just one more knife hanging above Facebook’s very exposed, very overwhelmed head right now.


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