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Paris is Testing a ‘Noise Radar’ That’ll Auto-Ticket Loud Cars

Sep 5, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

Exhaust-tamperers beware. If you head to Paris, you might just get a ticket for that vehicle you’re driving, if it sounds like a rocket taking off. In fact, even just over-revving your engine will be enough to have a fine sent your way. It’s a method currently being tested, with the hopes that Parisians will see the noise levels on their streets greatly reduced by noisy drivers.

“Parts of the city (most recently the suburb of Villeneuve-le-Roi) are testing a "noise radar" system from Bruitparif that can pinpoint loud vehicles and, eventually, ticket them. The system uses four microphones to triangulate the origins of a sound and link it with CCTV footage to pinpoint whoever's making the racket.

Just shy of 40 of the devices are in use so far, primarily near bars in Paris' entertainment regions as well as 17 around major buildings.” (Engadget)

The trial is set to continue for 2 years, though no actual fines will be given out. The objective is to trial the technology and see how it performs, as well as figuring out at what noise level the system actually spits out fines for drivers. So noisy-car drivers, you still have some time, but your days are numbered; a law that’s currently in draft stages is set to be voted on this fall, meaning those fines could soon become a very real prospect.

Suddenly those quiet electric vehicles look even more attractive – though they’ve been required to emit some noise during acceleration and deceleration since July of this year.

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Oh god, we need this in Texas.