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Sony’s Setting Us Up For Wearable Air Conditioners

Aug 7, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

I for one am on board. As a perpetual summer-hater, I’d love nothing more than to be cold and relaxed all summer long. Sony wants to make it happen, as they’re crowd-funding a wearable air conditioner by the name of Reon Pocket.

It’ll slip into a pouch into a custom t-shirt, sitting at the base of your neck as it absorbs or emits heat, based on the Peltier effect. I see this as a perfect companion for the likes of business users, who want to stay cool under the collar during the warm days; It’s an ideal under-shirt. 

“You have to manually control the temperature through a mobile app, but Sony hopes to deliver an automatic mode through a future update. And no, you don't have to worry about charging it mid-day. Sony expects a full 24 hours out of a single charge, and two hours of charging through USB-C should be enough to help you brave unforgiving conditions.” (Engadget)

As for when it’s arriving onto the market and into our wardrobes? Well, reports point towards March next year in Japan, but no known date is planned for anywhere else. Its prices start from $117 or so, and the battery apparently last around 2 hours; not enough for a full workday, but probably enough to see you through a sport event or a tedious meeting.

You can watch the trailer for the wearable AC right here.

Interested? How do you see this type of tech improving your own life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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