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France Wants to Develop Its Own Space Force to Protect Its Satellites

Aug 1, 2019 by CharismaticMannequin

Not content to let the US dominate the space above the skies, France is also planning its own space-faring military force. France’s President, Emmanuel Macron has okayed the plans to create a space command within the country’s air force next September.

The primary purpose of this force? To boost the defense of French satellites. There’s no word on costs and how much investment this new venture is going to take, but it’s certainly not going to be cheap.

“This is just the start, Macron added. Eventually, France would rename the military branch as the Space and Air Force. It would be an essential part of the country's military strategy, then, not just a companion to the usual air, land and sea units.

Space hasn't been directly militarized so far, but there are indications that this is changing with countries testing anti-satellite missiles and otherwise indicating that they're prepared to wield weapons if necessary. French leadership may feel pressure to respond to this by devoting military resources to space, even if any technology is used in a purely defensive role.” (Engadget)

It's just one more way the face of warfare is changing, with much of the conflict between nations now taking place in a digital environment, disabling satellites, infiltrating networks, and similar tactics. Technology is having a profound impact on the battlefield, with news that technology like drones are becoming more and more commonplace in warfare. 

There is always the concern of the ethics of removing humans from the conflict in play, and as technology becomes more prevalent and smarter, there are going to be decisions that have to be made on what’s acceptable and what isn’t as military forces adapt to evolving technology and its role in warfare and defense.

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