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"NS Studio is a professional developer with dedicated developers who want to create fun and long-lasting games." - NS Studio | CEO Sang-Gyu Yoon


NS Studio  challenges their game developers to innovate and deliver elite gaming experiences to players. From online games, to mobile, and even VR and AR, NS Studio strives for excellence in the industry.  NS Studio started out as a team of gamers with a love for video games and the inner workings of game development.  Working with Unreal 4, a video game engine developed by Epic, they launched their first game, Black Squad, in 2015 to a South Korean audience. A couple years later, they were featured as an early access game on Steam and as of today, have released the full version.  From idea to reality - creating content you love and seeing it enjoyed by so many is a thrilling journey.   


Black Squad is a free-to-play military first-person-shooter. Absolutely No Pay To Win – Only Skills Required. Join thousands of other players in casual or competitive gameplay. Co-op with up to four friends and dominate the battlefield!

  • 10 Game Modes: Competitive, Demolition, TDM, Airborne, and more!
  • Custom Game Creation to play how you want.
  • 85+ Weapons: SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Rifles, Pistols, LMGs, and more!
  • 48 Maps to master
  • 10 Characters to collect
  • 460+ Skins for customization


Black Squad has just left Early Access on Steam! To celebrate, we want to give away this free Greetings Package DLC!

Greeting Package DLC Items:

  • G36 GL DAMASCUS GOLD (Permanent)
  • Desert Eagle Neon Red (30 Days)
  • DSR1 Crania (30 Days)
  • Nimravus Baroque (30 Days)
  • Fire Footstep Effect (30 Days)
  • Fire Chest Effect (30 Days)
  • Skeleton Jayce (30 Days)
  • M18 SMOKE TROPEN BLUE (30 Days)
  • M67 H/G Halloween (30 Days)

Get more details about Black Squad on their Steam page:

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