Be on the lookout for our upcoming XPS 2-in-1 sweepstakes!

Jul 24, 2019 by Amy

Project Innovate members will have the chance to win the new, upcoming XPS 13 2-in-1!


We're thrilled to host another exciting giveaway opportunity with Dell for Entrepreneurs.


 Stay tuned for more information and sign up now to be notified when you can enter to win the future of 2-in-1!





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Very keen. Any update on release timing / availability? And will all configs be available globally? I want higher end spec but the ability to choose FHD for battery life, and in Australia I believe i7 is tied to UHD for XPS 13 9380. 


It won't let me sign up...I try to click sign up, and then it sends me to the log in screen.

I log in, I get sent back to this screen, have to click sign up again and this just goes on and on.

Can someone help? I'd really like to win this


Read the last words of their post carefully.


Hey Rick! I sent you a PM. We'll notify our members once this sweepstakes goes live.