Project Innovate Launch Competition Winners Announced

May 15, 2019 by Steintime

The Project Innovate Launch Competition was held in conjunction with the Project Innovate pitch competition at SXSW.  Entrants entered their Project Innovate ideas with the order of finish to be decided by the following judging criteria

• Public Appeal (the expert judges factor in Likes received from the Project Innovate community.) 

• Originality (How original or unique is this idea?  Has it been tried before?) 

• Problem Definition and Resolution (Does the project address a problem or need in society and is there a feasible path defined for resolution?) 

Congratulations to our innovative winner!

1st Place:  Omar A., Houston, TX wins a $500 Dell.com gift card

2nd Place: Kathleen R., Austin, TX wins a $250 Dell.com gift card

Turn your ideas into a project on projectinnovate.com to be ready to enter the next contest!


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What's the names of their projects?


Metachii said:

What's the names of their projects?

Omar's project is AllNiter and Kathleen's in edVentuRe. :)

Congrats to the winners!


I have so much to come up with my mind is open to this new age I have a idea and love a team so thanks dell... BOSS