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D3 Example Entry: VR Storytelling Platform

Example Tagline: Tell Your Story in This Open World VR Game!


Your Project should include the following:

  • A detailed description of your idea
  • Your background and expertise
  • Current market analysis
  • How your idea is differentiated from alternative solutions
  • A visual representation of your idea (e.g.- a video, UX design, or service flow chart of the product or service)

It's recommended that you provide additional data, descriptions and visuals including images, creative designs, charts and videos via YouTube links to showcase how your innovative idea meets the competition and judging requirement.

Add Whiteboard entries add content for the specific criteria listed above. 
You can also optionally use the Blogs tool to share updates and information and the Milestones tool to keep your planning on track.


Use this main space of your Project to include a detailed description of your idea. Address a high-value need to improve diversity in interactive media and/or gaming and show its potential for significant social/cultural impact.

Add photos to help represent your ideas. Use the Header Image for your project's icon and the thinner Cover Image to add some style.  


Don't forget to set your project to "Public." Projects in Private Mode cannot be uploaded as entries on the contest page.


For questions, please email 



Aug 30, 2019
Not yet reached

First Brainstorming session
Goal: Sep 6, 2019
Not yet reached

Meeting 1 - Market Analysis
Goal: Sep 13, 2019
Not yet reached

Meeting 2 - Differentiating
Goal: Sep 20, 2019
Not yet reached

Meeting 3 - Concepting
Goal: Sep 20, 2019
Not yet reached

Meeting 4 - Final Touches
Goal: Sep 27, 2019
Not yet reached

Final Uploads due!
Goal: Oct 4, 2019

Oct 27, 2020
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