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Trading Places

Experience the world through others.

Trading Places is a social application-based platform that lets individuals from around the world connect and share their unique surroundings. Users can host live virtual broadcasts that showcase their respective cultures from the first-person perspective. 

How it works: 

Using current virtual reality streaming software, users would be able to interact with one another by acting as a medium to immerse others in real-time virtual experiences of the world around them as viewed from their own eyes. 

A person in Beijing could create a post on the Trading Places app announcing they will broadcast a virtual experience of themselves attending a parade during a Chinese New Year festival. When they start to broadcast their virtual perspective, streaming users across the globe will be able to communicate with the host and make suggestions as to what he or she should view and explore. After the event, the host will also be able to upload the recording of the experience to his or her profile for other users to view at any time.

Two users seeking an even more hands-on experience could then also use the platform to message one another individually to discuss popular sights and attractions unique to where they live. From there, they could agree to trade places in a personal one-on-one tour of the other person's specific interest. 

Imagine always wanting to walk the Golden Gate Bridge, but you live in Paris. With Trading Places, you’re now able to live this experience through the eyes of a San Francisco local in exchange for taking them sightseeing around the Eiffel Tower.

What separates it:

While some streaming platforms already live broadcast popular sports and entertainment events, these events are often paid for or commercialized and by no means offer users a truly custom perspective into another’s culture and geography. 

Current platforms that do allow personal live stream sharing, such as Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, aren't specifically geared toward virtual reality, nor do they provide a community for users to search and trade one-on-one virtual experiences.


Trading Places allows individuals from everywhere to quite literally take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Not only does the app allow you to explore the world through others, but in doing so you are able to interact with individuals in their own culture and space. Traditionally this kind of personalized experience could only be witnessed by physically traveling to the place you wish to visit. For many, traveling at this scale is simply impossible, but with the advancement of 5G networks along with VR streaming and headset technology, these once in a lifetime experiences can now be virtually obtained by the average consumer. As affordable VR continues to expand, imagine what possibilities exist for academic applications. Entire groups of students could be taken along on virtual field trips hosted by other educators from around the globe without ever leaving the classroom. The opportunities Trading Places has as an educational platform to trade, view, and share life-like perspectives and cultural insights are truly endless.


It's predicted the virtual reality tech market will grow to be USD $44.7 billion by 2024. Even with this amount of popularity, virtual reality is still in the pioneering stages of innovation, making it the ideal time for a first-of-its-kind app like Trading Places to assert its foot into the market. 

Experience & expertise:

Hayes Reed is a Senior Radio Television Film/ Advertising double major and student within the Texas Creative portfolio sequence. Throughout his time at UT, he’s gained an abundance of experience writing and conceptualizing nationally award-winning advertising work and various creative executions ranging from interactive online activations, film productions, and print media campaigns. Outside of school, he's also worked as a creative intern at multiple industry leading agencies but gives credit to his immersive filmmaking course for the inspiration that led to the development of Trading Places.

Oct 8, 2019

Oct 7, 2019
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