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The Adventures of Brenda

A young African American woman, takes on the challenges of rising a family and all while being an undercover cop for Dayton Police . Brenda faces the struggles of being a mother while protecting her community from evil while dealing with discrimination towards women's ideal roles set in society.

The Adventures of Brenda takes place in Dayton, Ohio which has been considered to have many conservative ideologies in place. Brenda was born & raised in Dayton, Ohio, in a two parent household with 2 younger siblings. Living in an unsafe environment, Brenda decides to pursue criminal justice at the University of Dayton, to keep criminals off the street. Her parents deeply cared about her education, but disagrees with her career passion because it was too "dangerous" for women in that line of work. Obeying her family orders, she decides to pursue a nursing career instead, but always wanted to fight off criminals. Once she began her career & family in her mid 30's, everything began to come together. One day, she enters a bank while being robbed, she manages to fight the criminals off with her impressive fighting skills. After the policemen were impressed with her skills that wanted her to become an undercover cop to help with gang violence cases. Being that she is a beautiful woman, policemen thought she could use her charm to get the information from the gang members herself. Brenda rejects the invitation because it was based on her looks rather than her skills as a critical thinker and other personality traits. A few days after the robbery, Brenda begins to think that being her an undercover cop was the first step in pursuing her true passion while getting more training in the field. Nervous of the backlash that she might receive from family and husband, she keeps this as a secret while maintaining motherhood. 

This would be a video game, that is more narrative based. There would be two modes of play which would be, "challenge mode" or "story mode".  Story mode would consist of the video player that will tell a linear story of events in Brenda life while she a newly member to the police force & can take multiple 'paths' depending upon the player's course of actions. Depending on which path the story will follow could affect the choices that are available to the player at a later point in the game.

Challenge Mode would consist of Brenda building her skills as a cop which includes handling of firearms and learning more defensive techniques to use on the job. The player would have to complete certain tasks and deadlines in order to level up in the game. Also, depending on the satisfactory of completion of the tasks and time would determine how many coins the player could receive from each level. These coins could be used to purchase new gear, equipment, fight moves, and weapons.

My name is Chelsea Jenkins and I am currently a Junior here at UT Austin. My field of study is Radio-Television-Film while pursuing an Ethics and Leadership within Technology & Media certificate. My future career aspirations are to become an editor. I wanted to pursue the editing track of post production because i know how much control an editor has over the media content. The editor has a sense of story telling to make the experience for the audience a good one. Also, in editing you could control the mood of the visuals which would be essential in this video game. With the right aesthetics and soundtrack could make this video game experience feel and look real for the players. 

The current market analysis for action video games & adventure video games are very popular among the video gaming industry. According to some data from a research done by Statista, Action video games takes over the video gaming industry sales by 26.9%. Adventure video games takes over the video gaming industry sales by 7.9%. I think by combining these two different genres together would be a good investment especially in the virtual reality arena. Source:

Creating this game would help promote diversity within the video gaming industry by increasing the usage of minorities being lead characters in games. It's not to many African American Female led characters within action fighting games. It's a great way to include women showing a sense of independence and include minorities as well. 

Oct 8, 2019

Oct 8, 2019
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