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Create and experience interactive podcasts together.

Roots is a mobile-first interactive podcasting platform, that serves as a one stop-shop for Creators:

  • Create interactive, non-linear podcasts in the app with the Story Tree Editor, either solo or in real-time with your collaborators
  • Record and edit each step of the story in the Roots Studio.
  • Score your recordings with music and sounds or sell your own on the Roots Store.
  • "Open-source" your podcast: allowing your fans, friends, and colleagues to grow their own branches on your story tree.
  • Enhance your podcast by importing images, gifs, and supplementary information.
  • Monetize through ad and play-based partnerships.
  • Export or import your narrative from frameworks like Twine, to build on existing stories and allow for multi-media experiences.

For Listeners:

  • Listen to your collection of podcast subscriptions: interactive or traditional.
  • Discover new podcasts from our personalized recommender.
  • Hear from the Featured Creator, a rotating spotlight on story from or about an underrepresented minority.
  • Traverse stories in the way that best fits your needs with voice commands and transcription.
  • Experience your collection of interactive stories on your phone, wearable devices, and smart speakers.

and for Everyone

Podcasting is an intimate way to hear someone else's story, and the added interactivity allows you to truly live in someone else's shoes. Make life-altering decisions, live day-to-day experiences, and understand the way someone else thinks. Creators of all backgrounds are empowered to tell their story. The entire process, from writing to recording to editing to collaborating to monetizing, all take place in this free mobile app. 

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Oct 8, 2019

Oct 7, 2019
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