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Upcoming action Metroidvania RPG. Soar through the clouds with Yanna and the Twilight Marauders™!

CloudCanards is a comedic action role-playing video game taking place in the floating isles of Nebulia. You play as Yanna, the leader of the ragtag guild Twilight Marauders™. United under their single dream of reaching the top of the Exp leaderboards, where the toughest and quirkiest make their names known across all corners of Nebulia, Twilight Marauders™ has to repeatedly pull off zany raids and hijinks to increase their popularity. However, with thousands of other guilds aiming for the same objective, and only one guild able to reign supreme, the Twilight Marauders™ will come into frequent contact and conflict with the world around them. Each guild has its own attitude and tactics, and the Twilight Marauders™ will need to figure out how to one-up each and every one of them.

But something sinister is happening behind the scenes, and bigger problems than ascending to the top are creeping their way into the foreground.  Wraiths are beginning to assert their presence around Nebulia, long known compatriots are finally showing their true colors, and the smoke of a revolution drifts on the horizon. Follow the story as the Twilight Marauders™ pull open the curtains and get down to business.


Raids are an essential part of CloudCanard’s gameplay loop, serving as the utmost challenge of skill and valor. Presented with one core objective, the guild is expected to achieve it by any means possible. Thus, players are expected to explore their creativity as they consider various zany ways of completing the challenge. The Twilight Marauders™ could smooth-talk their way into a party to recover a treasure. Or maybe they could crash the party entirely by forcing their way through with a superior display of bladework. What’s important is the effective collaboration between all the members of the Twilight Marauders™.


As a story-driven exploratory singleplayer game, CloudCanards allows the player to explore the open world and meet all kinds of people with various stories, many of whom will be an integral part of your journey throughout. Every individual in Twilight Marauders™ offers a unique perspective and personality to the guild, and Yanna will have to fully embrace each and every one of their quirks if they are to climb to the top. Furthermore, Yanna and the Twilight Marauders™ will encounter many diverse guilds throughout their journey, each led by an eccentric leader who promotes different aspects of leadership and collaboration. By meeting them, dueling them, working with them, and eventually outpacing them, Yanna will surpass their reign to conquer the grand heights of the city of Nebulia.


Today, more and more video games, like Journey, Nier Automata, and Life is Strange, establish powerful messages through their gameplay. With their widespread popularity, they’ve reached millions of players and conveyed unforgettable memories and impressions. Similarly, we want to empower positive beliefs about diverse ideologies through the channel of video games. Through the story of CloudCanards, where diversity is the cherished norm, we hope to expand the worldview of our players and inspire new ideas.


Regardless of whether you’re a reckless warrior or a cautious strategist, regardless of your race, gender, wealth, or beliefs, and even regardless of your unnaturally blue hair, you can learn, practice, and experiment to rise up and become a highly admired Billower. By using video games as an interactive medium, we hope to have a wide-reaching impact with our comedic tale of CloudCanards.

Oct 8, 2019
Reached: Aug 14, 2017

Initial Planning
Goal: Feb 17, 2020
Reached: Nov 26, 2017

Start of Development
Goal: Feb 17, 2020
Reached: May 31, 2018

Prison Break Vertical Slice
Goal: Feb 17, 2020
Not yet reached

Raids Demo
Goal: Oct 31, 2019
Not yet reached

Core Engine Completion
Goal: Dec 30, 2019
Not yet reached

Boat Story Vertical Slice
Goal: Mar 31, 2020
Not yet reached

1st Campaign (24 episodes)
Goal: Jun 30, 2020
Not yet reached

2nd Campaign (24 episodes)
Goal: Dec 31, 2020
Not yet reached

Final Campaign (24 episodes)
Goal: Jun 30, 2021

Dec 30, 2021
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