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Magdalena y Donny Narr

Magdalena y Donny Narr follows the quirky, deep love story of Donny Narr, a young man with a crippling stutter caused by brain damage from a drug OD, as he falls in love with Magdalena, a girl with once-debillitating physical ticks and abusive past who becomes his refuge. But the deeper their love goes, the more they find out how perfectly and desperately they need each other, their violent family pasts resurface and threaten to rip them apart.

After being ruthlessly screamed at by an abusive professor, the only classmate who comforts Donny Narr is Magdalena, the girlfriend of the class bully leading the boys who persecute him.  Immerse yourself in their worlds, in past trauma and present disability which threaten them around every corner with no one who understands--until they find out that with each other is where they are safe. Follow the tumultous, chaotic, hilarious origins of their romance--the unbridled passion as they finally begin to learn the release of love--and the growing shadow of the past as more and more Donny reveals his secrets, and Magdalena's come back to bite them--until the intense, life-threatening, border-crashing climax. Magdalena y Donny Narr offers an immersive dip into stigmatized experience--enchanting worlds of motion, light and sound--and epic, deadly adventure speaking loudly for social issues that matter today--in an innovative branching narrative of intersecting stories of the darkest, and the most desperately beautiful, of loves.

Oct 7, 2019

Dec 31, 2020
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