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Breaking Bread

Share a Meal Across The Globe

  • Breaking bread is a first-person cooking simulator video game that allows you to explore other cultures across the globe by visiting families and learning how to cook their meals with them. Use your passport to travel to different countries (levels) to learn and master their traditional home-cooked meals.
    • The player starts off with a passport, and is allowed to travel to a country of choice. Each level is represented by a country and the player will complete cooking challenges for x amount of families within that country. Each family will differ based on targeted research, to obtain an accurate representation of the culture and recipes.
    • When the player has successfully "traveled across the globe," the game will be complete and the player leaves feeling satisfied and educated about different cultures.
  • My name is Olivia Moriarty and I am a third year Arts and Entertainment Technologies major studying video game development. Creating video games has been a long-time goal of mine; more importantly, I hope I can create games that are meaningful to the player.
  • The current market analysis for cooking video games shows that cooking games do very well. For example, according to an article by IGN, the popular game "'Cooking Mama' franchise has sold through more than four million units on the Nintendo DS and Wii systems." The simple yet fun interactions and countless recipes that "Cooking Mama" has provided leaves players de-stressed and wanting more. 
  • I plan to diverge from other typical cooking games by creating an impact on players. With Breaking Bread, the player is transported to different countries and gets to experience culture that is otherwise not accessible for some. During game development, I would have a research team to make sure the cultural aspects are accurate to location, to create a precise and meaningful experience. Ultimately, my goal is to educate and promote diversity among cultures in the video game industry with Breaking Bread.

Oct 7, 2019

Oct 7, 2019
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