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TheMove - The World at a Glance

Bringing college students together through events. Anytime, everywhere.

TheMove makes events available to college students, keeping them in the know and making the social reality of the world more transparent.

TheMove is the college experience captured in an app. With access to every public and private event near someone, we make every event available to everyone, enhancing the memories of an event through live photos and videos available without direct sharing, and creating opportunities for new friendships and relationships based on what people do.


  • Allows every college student to see what events - such as organization meetings, professional opportunities, parties, etc. - are happening near them at any given moment
  • Every student can only build their profile by experiencing the world around them
    • As a person attends more events, their profile builds "reputation points" in the categories of the things they do
  • Connects students to their existing friends and allows them to cultivate new friendships with people who do what they do
    • Recommends events you might like based on what you do, who attends those events, how many people are attending that event, etc.
    • Social media is seen as a way for someone to fabricate or inflate their life through appearances. With TheMove, students would have to do to create their profile and meet people like them
  • Enhances experiences of events
    • Photos and videos of an event would be available in real-time and shared to the desired audience without any need for number exchange, AirDrop, etc.
    • Keeps history of students' events attended, their photos/videos, who they've met, who they may have seen but not met, and their long-term friendship history with their closest friends
  • Event organizers can connect and interact in an unprecedentedly intimate way with their audience
    • Public events shouldn't need huge promotion - with TheMove, every event is on a level playing field
    • Groups can plan and promote events internally and externally easily
    • Organizers can sell tickets and manage events seamlessly

Market Analysis:

We plan to bring in revenues through charging event planners premiums to promote their events locally at any given time, without any real indication that the event is being promoted.

There are around 18.4 million college students according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Most students are doing at least one thing with other people in a public place every week. Events and people attending those events are in heavy supply.

Most of our revenue will come from a small set of event planners who are seeking to promote their event to more people. Promoting events to college students through flyers, word-of-mouth, and hoping the right people share their Facebook or GroupMe event to the right groups will be a thing of the past. 

There are at least 10 events every week at the University of Texas that promote themselves specifically to the largest possible audience on traditional student forums (Facebook, GroupMe). 

By charging these event planners $10 to promote their event, we anticipate being able to fund servers and cheap promotion costs while our user base grows, ultimately scaling by utilizing advertisements and partnering with larger event venues with larger advertising budgets, who will be enticed with our sizable and detailed user base.

Why We're Different

Our biggest competitors are Facebook Local, GroupMe, and Snapchat. These apps have features that either allow users to create and share events or allow users to share their locations with others.

Facebook Local allows anyone to create an event, invite friends, and cultivate a following for an organization. However, it relies on the attendee preparing in advance to go to that event, while TheMove is focused on helping students make decisions about what to do on a whim, since they often don't have the free time to commit to things far in advance, and would rather see what's happening around them when they have the time to. And while Facebook Local allows for photos to be uploaded to an event's history, it doesn't have it front and center as a Live feature, as TheMove does. Lastly, there is a negative network effect of committing to an event on Facebook, as if it is public it is available to everyone that you will be attending. With TheMove, you can choose who sees your location (you will still appear at events to calculate how popular an event is at any given time) and what you are doing. In short, Facebook Local is about planning what you might do, TheMove is about seeing what's happening right now around you and doing.

GroupMe allows users to create an event and post it into group messages. In fact, there are many GroupMe groups at The University of Texas at Austin that are centered around finding and sharing parties, often with hundreds or thousands of members. A frequent comment in those circles is "How many people are there?" Most party and other event promotion at UT comes in these chats, where those throwing the events are left hoping that the right people will see their advertisement, not tune it out, and bring their friends. With TheMove, every student that opens the app will be looking for something to do, can see what their friends are doing and invite them to go as well with ease, and will know that the event is going to be attended by other college students. TheMove will make event sharing via GroupMe inefficient and useless, while capturing the rabid market within colleges looking for something to do at any given time.

Snapchat has a feature that allows users to share their live location and send quick photos and videos. The problem is that these photos/videos are meant to disappear quickly, and while TheMove has that feature, it is built around saving a person's event history through those memories, while also putting an emphasis on what events people are attending at any given moment.

Our Background and Expertise

  • Robert Trevino - Co-founder and CEO of TheMove. Robert is a sophomore studying Management Information Systems at UT Austin and is skilled in Python and MySQL.
  • Nick Frischknecht - Co-founder and CMO of TheMove. Nick is a sophomore studying Management Information Systems at UT Austin and is considering a minor in Marketing.
  • Joao Rangel - Co-founder and CTO of TheMove. Joao is a sophomore studying Management Information Systems at UT Austin and is proficient in Python and working with databases.

Oct 4, 2019

Oct 5, 2019
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