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Together can we discover the mysteries of the universe inside of the TENT.

Unleash your imagination and hop through time and space with the TENT installation! Set on a summer night in central Texas in the mid 80’s, the TENT installation follows the story of four strangers who have discovered an object that has transported them to a new dimension. The four Participants will have the opportunity to explore the interactive campsite and travel to new interactive worlds by touching the mysterious TENT Orb. Move from world to world at the simple touch of the TENT Orb.


Land in the Ice Age, in the deep sea, floating through the cosmos, or inside of the 4th dimension. You choose your adventure with each touch. Where is this Orb from? Was it made by humans? When was it made? How does it work? Explore these questions through the props left behind by the 4 teenagers: A comic book, a backpack, lanterns, boots, etc.


Storytelling has been at the core of humanity since the beginning of time. Our stories are what make us unique but it is also what brings us together. We began telling stories around a fire in the days of the cavemen. That urge to engage those around us continued through the ages; the epic poems of the Sumerian King, Greek dramas of vast battles, the plays of William Shakespeare, captivating radio plays, to the blockbusters of Hollywood have all inspired and shaped our world. At TENT we believe that bringing strangers together to experience and tell their stories we can create a space for understanding and community can grow. TENT aims to use modern technology to bring storytelling back to its origins, around a fire. 

Sep 29, 2019
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Oct 5, 2019
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