Project Innovate was created to showcase transformative ideas and give innovators a supportive community for their ventures. Everyone on this site, even those who just browse, contributes to the success of community. To this end, Project Innovate has a system to recognize those who truly go above and beyond. Whether sharing your ideas or just helping others with theirs, your contributions help. The ranking system is comprised of three categories that every member earns points in based on their activity.

Project Managers

Anyone who shares an idea or project will accrue points in the Project Manager category. Taking the time to add fresh ideas and build out projects earns you points toward your next title. Engaging with your comment sections, completing projects and more will help you earn the most coveted titles.


These members are crucial to all ideas and projects. Ideas are not always fully fleshed out and a supportive members who lend their expertise or assist with answering questions can be crucial to the success of a person's idea or project. Commenting on projects and earning praise from the community and Project Managers will help you earn new titles.


Ideas and Projects are great, but do not happen in a vacuum and are only part of the larger innovation landscape. Our community loves to keep up with emerging technologies and ideas that may help shape future ideas and projects. Members can earn points toward Conversationalist titles by creating new posts and content in the forums. The more popular your posts and content are, the more you move up.

While the ranking system is for personal achievement only, our curved system is designed to give the highest titles to those who have put the most work in. There are six titles for each track. Depending on where you where you place compared to everyone else will determine which titles you earn. This means that if you earn the highest title, you can still lose it to someone else if they score above you later.


Where you place compared to everyone else will determine your title:

Project Managers
  • Grunt (0%-10%)
  • Desk Jockey (10%-30%)
  • Dreamer (30%-60%)
  • Innovator (60%-75%)
  • Tesla Reborn (75%-95%)
  • Innovator Extraordinaire (95%)
  • Minion (0%-10%)
  • Cub Scout (10%-30%)
  • Eagle Scout (30%-60%)
  • Philanthropist (60%-75%)
  • True Inspirer (75%-95%)
  • Philanthropist Extraordinaire (95%)
  • Wall Flower (0%-10%)
  • Clinger (10%-30%)
  • Reporter (30%-60%)
  • Public Relations (60%-75%)
  • Life of the Party (75%-95%)
  • Public Speaker Extraordinaire (95%)

Point System

All point values are hidden. To promote natural dialogue and idea exchange, it’s important that people interact normally and not try to earn an extra point just to move up in rank. Almost every action on site earns points in one of the three tracks. Creating content, voting, commenting, following, etc., all earn points.

Point Decay

The most active members should enjoy the associated notoriety, so the ranking system includes point decay. If you are absent from the site for a long time, you will slowly begin to lose points. Members only lose a maximum of 50% of their total on any given absence. Points do not decay immediately and drop off very slowly. If you go on vacation, or even take a month off completely, you will not notice a huge drop in your accrued points.

Badges showcase the various community achievements members have unlocked. There are dozens of badges members can earn through all three tracks. Badges are displayed on your profile page and show the rarity levels of each badge in the community.

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